Prof. Dr. Irfan Shahid, PhD (Princeton University) Professor Emeritus of Georgetown University

Book "Byzantium and the Arabs in the Sixth Century", pages 304-305

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library (Harvard University)

Our Mission is the preservation of the

values of Chivalry


"Thus Ghassanid chivalry developed in the sixth century [AD] and was spiritualized by Christianity, a process that brought it close to the Christian version of chivalry in medieval Europe.

(...) The Ghassanids' commitment to Christian chivalry as one of the ideals that they developed and tried to live up to, especially in their wars, has hitherto been an unknown chapter in the history of this concept."

Equestrian Order of Michael Archangel

"This order will continue the tradition of chivalry in the modern world, with a paramount commitment to diminishing the suffering of all beings and to making the world a better place."


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